Transparent Acoustic

HDR (Hydraulic Damper Resonance)


The creative genius and technology mastery allow Modular Technology forging this tool from steel and release it at audiophile performance service.

In effect it is a technological innovation never achieved before in this field with this level of perfection and efficiency. The HDR (Hydraulic Damper Resonance) is a system of three columns with an internal hydraulic damping with high damping factor and very low resonance frequency. Each column holds a mechanism made by twenty components in synergistic cooperation that engages the designer for two years researching the best solution through mathematical modeling and tests on several prototypes. The result is striking in appearance, flexibility and capability to undertake the task which it was designed for. The quality standard is at the highest level as the entire production. Besides this instrument does not require any maintenance.

The HDR system can be incorporated into the Technium audio rack which perfectly fits from the aesthetical point of view. In this case it can be used on the top shelf supporting a turntable or a digital source or a precious preamplifier. It can be used directly under the electronics or speakers too, as well as under a precision measuring instrument.


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