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TARA Labs has led the high end audio industry in cable technology and design for 30 years. In this period, TARA Labs has won more professional reviewer awards than any other cable manufacturer in the world. All cables are hand-crafted in Oregon, USA.


In addition, Tara Labs received multiple “Recommended Components” awards and positive reviews from Audio Techniques magazine, Hong Kong Journal magazine, Bound for Sound magazine, High Fidelity magazine, The Audiophile Voice magazine, Fi magazine, Hi End Audio Journal magazine, Sonic Review magazine, Home Theater magazine and Sound and Vision magazine. Including the many online publications magazines: 6 Moons, Positive feedback (PF), AV Guide, Audio Review, Head-Fi, Soundstage

The Zero Evolution

Conductor info - (SA-OF8N) - TARA Labs proprietary annealing process, known as Super Annealing (SA) along with 99.999999%, oxygen-free, mono-crystal, frequency-tuned, hand-polished, pure copper conductor. This creates a unique, long, unbroken crystal structure called “Mono-crystal™” which has exquisitely smooth and detailed transfer of frequencies over a very wide bandwidth. Additionally, this new Mono-crystal™ eliminates the high-frequency distortion caused by the junctions or breaks between crystals in typical copper conductors. Acting like diodes, those junctions between crystals in normal copper would alter the flow of high-frequency AC, causing audible distortion. (RSC) Rectangular Solid Core - Our patented RSC conductors have become the definitive technology in high-end audio cables. The rectangular shape offers a unique advantage over round conductors. They have the necessary mass for solid bass, yet are thin enough for a coherent reproduction of mid-range and high frequencies. The RSC is not subject to the same high frequency losses that hamper traditional round conductors. To further understand the principle behind RSC technology, it is necessary to understand a phenomenon known as “skin effect” This principle states that in a round conductor, higher frequencies will tend to travel towards the outside (or skin) of the conductor, while lower frequencies will travel closer to the center of the conductor. The larger the diameter of a round conductor, the worse the effect will be, resulting in a significant roll-off of high frequencies in large gauge conductors. Because of its rectangular cross section, an RSC conductor essentially has no center like a round conductor. Therefore it does not suffer the same high frequency losses. It is the only conductor that is able to combine high current-carrying capability with extreme frequency linearity across the musical spectrum. More info coming soon...